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Easy start-up and fully automated process

In addition to reliable disinfection performance and safety aspects, the time factor plays a significant role in the cleaning and disinfection of hypothermia units.

Development of the WCD² therefore also focussed on simple and fast operation and a fully automatic disinfection process. Installing the WCD² on the hypothermia unit takes just a few steps and while the fully automatic disinfection process is running, the staff can use the time for other important tasks.

If used regularly, the WCD² ensures permanent disinfection . Therefore, a disinfection process can also be interrupted at any time if a medical emergency requires the immediate use of the hypothermia unit.

Simple and safe handling

Before using the hypothermia unit for the first time, it must be filled with WCD² water (included in the delivery). Once the hose connections between the WCD² and the hypothermia unit have been made, the user can activate the water circuits of the hypothermia unit and press the start button on the WCD² display. The disinfection process now runs fully automatically and does not require any user intervention. The WCD² signals the end of the disinfection process. Now the user only needs to disconnect the hoses and the hypothermia unit is ready for use.

Product optimisation and additional features

The WCD² has been designed in such a way that the disinfection process of the hypothermia unit can be carried out considerably easier, faster and, above all, safer by the perfusionist.
In addition, the WCD² has been designed with features that not only optimise the disinfection process, but also offer other practical benefits.

Disinfection programmes

The standard disinfection programme of the WCD² takes a bit less than 10 minutes. Once this programme has finished, all water circuits in the hypothermia unit have been disinfected.

Additionally, the user can run an intensive programme (power+), which should be used when the unit is put into operation for the first time or during longer periods of downtime, e.g. weekends.

Hoses and connections

The different spatial conditions on site also require corresponding technical solutions.

The WCD² can be adapted to both short and long hoses, should the hypothermia unit be in a different location than the operating area. The disinfection performance is not affected by long hoses.

Disinfection logs

Perfusionists are required to log disinfection procedures in detail in order to provide proof of regular device cleaning.

All disinfection procedures carried out with the WCD² are automatically saved and can be exported into a log.