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Our vision

The innovative and sustainable pro aqua technology is a global brand and is used everywhere: from households to companies

What we want

With our technology, we not only want to make a positive contribution to environmental protection, but we also want to be a pioneer! The pro aqua products and solutions also stand for the conscious use of water as a resource and are a sustainable alternative to questionable chemicals.
Our high-tech products put the protection of people, animals and the environment in the focus.

Our Mission

Our innovation

Boron-doped diamond electrode

Our technology

Electrolysis with boron-doped diamond electrodes and beyond

Our passion

Development, production and application of high-quality products and systems for water treatment and disinfection.

Our commitment

Doing business in a sustainable, meaning socially responsible, ecologically compatible and economically successful, way.

What we do

We produce boron-doped diamond electrodes, which have been developed and patented by us. These electrodes are the core technology we use in our products and systems for water treatment and disinfection. The application areas of our products and systems cover a wide and extensive spectrum:

  • Provision of clean water for drinking and swimming
  • Provision of treated waste water for discharge into the environment
  • Provision of water that has been tested or confirmed in terms of quality and standards
    • Cleaning/disinfecting systems and devices
    • Cleaning/disinfecting surfaces
    • Washing/disinfecting fruit, vegetables and meat
    • Plant and animal protection

Our values

For us, people always come first

We attach great importance to treating each other respectfully, friendly and honestly. Not only within, but also outside of pro aqua, this creates a solid basis of trust, ensures the best possible partnerships and makes sure that synergy effects are optimally utilised.

Our hearts beat for "green innovation"

Every new research project and every product development triggers enthusiasm in us, especially when we can make a positive contribution to environmental protection. Our hearts beat for new ideas and for working with our project partners who enable us to look at things from new angles.

We are always open to new ideas

Supporting our customers and partners is an important part of our corporate culture! That's why we always strive to respond to enquiries as quickly as possible and take feedback seriously. Only those who are open-minded can develop and improve entrepreneurially.

We are flexible and adaptable

Only those who are open to change can offer promising solutions. We don’t allow rigid thought patterns! Especially in the area of product development, we work closely with project partners to keep our products up to date and to continuously improve them.

Unsere Qualität

Certified according to EN ISO 13485:2016

ISO 13485 contains detailed requirements for the design, manufacturing and placing on the market of medical devices. Its core requirements are product safety and effectiveness. Since 2024, pro aqua meets the high standards for the production of medical devices and can provide official proof of this.

Seit 2024 erfüllt die pro aqua die hohen Standards für die Produktion von Medizinprodukten und kann dies offiziell nachweisen.

Certified according to EN ISO 9001:2015

By fulfilling the requirements of EN ISO 9001, pro aqua demonstrates its highly developed quality management system. Within the company, however, quality is not only fulfilled in the form of requirements, but is actually practiced on a daily basis. We are deeply committed to our culture of continuous improvement.