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Best possible protection
of patients and staff

WCD2-c stands for Water Cleaning & Disinfection Device and was developed for cleaning and disinfecting the heating and cooling water of heater-cooler units (hypothermal devices) .


Heating and cooling water from hypothermia devices that are contaminated with bacteria (germs) pose a danger when used in cardiac surgery. For example, when the water hoses are connected and disconnected, water can leak and bacteria can be spread. This increases the risk of infection during heart surgery, especially for patients.


The WCD2-c revolutionizes product safety for patients and staff and is a highly efficient, sustainable alternative to ensure the required drinking water quality of the heating / cooling water.

The new WCD2-c model is available on the market since October 1st, 2023. The WCD2-c is designed exclusively for water purification and disinfection.


Killing bacteria in the heating and cooling water.

No germ formation in the heating and cooling water.


Reduction of organics in the heating and cooling water.

Heating and cooling water is of drinking water quality.


No use of

No special requirements towards staff protection.



is completed in just 10 minutes.


and quick

process is logged

Follow-up costs

Maintenance only
necessary/recommended once a year.

Ongoing operating costs are

Heating/cooling water contaminated with bacteria presents risks at hospitals

Hypothermia devices are used in cardiac surgery to regulate blood temperature during surgery or to warm/cool a patient's entire body.

The risk of infection posed by bacteria-contaminated heating and cooling water in hypothermia devices is not insignificant. It becomes particularly dangerous if this water leaks in a sensitive area (e.g. operating room). Bacteria-contaminated aerosols can pose a high health risk for patients.

Risk of infection for staff

In addition to the patients, the staff is also exposed to a danger that should not be underestimated from the heating and cooling water contaminated with bacteria.

The cleaning and disinfection of hypothermia devices is usually carried out by perfusion technicians. These inevitably come into contact with contaminated heating and cooling water and are therefore always exposed to the risk of illness.

The WCD2-c ensures that the heating and cooling water is of drinking water quality when used regularly. Installation, operation and uninstallation are easy to perform. Wearing protective equipment such as gloves, masks, protective suits, etc. is not necessary.

Quality that creates safety

The WCD2-c not only increases safety for staff, but also makes everyday work easier thanks to its convenient use. The WCD2-c is therefore a sustainable and safe method for water purification/disinfection without chemicals.

Confirmed disinfecting effect

Scientific studies show: The required disinfection performance is clearly achieved with the built-in pro aqua diamond electrode. 

From the problem to the unique solution

07/ 2016

Inquiry from Juvatec Company

“Is there a sustainable, permanent and efficient way to prevent the contamination of process water with the diamond electrode and associated technology from pro aqua?”

07/ 2016

10/ 2016

First screening tests

Tests with germ-contaminated water from a hypothermia device are successfully carried out. The number of germs is drastically reduced after just a few minutes.

10/ 2016

02/ 2017

Disinfection performance is proven

The Institute for Hygiene at MED UNI Graz (AUT) demonstrates the disinfection performance using selected bacteria and confirms the effect of pro aqua technology.

02/ 2017

06/ 2017

Completion of the test phase

The series of tests on the hypothermia device is completed positively after a 4-month test phase.The number of germs in the water is successfully reduced.

06/ 2017

05/ 2018

External tests under real conditions

The practical application takes place in another university clinic. The system is operated by the cardiotechnicians on site followed by positive feedback.

05/ 2018

06/ 2018

Scientific research

According to studies, the Institute for Hygiene at MED UNI Graz confirms sustainable and permanent water disinfection using the WCD2.

06/ 2018

06/ 2019

First model completed

After the final touches in terms of user-friendliness, the model stands for sustainable and long-lasting cleaning and disinfection of the hypo-process water.

06/ 2019

08/ 2020

WCD2 has proven itself in practice

The effective, safe and device-friendly process is confirmed by the long-term use in practice. The WCD2 is being used in more and more hospitals.

08/ 2020

07/ 2021

Solution to global challenges

The WCD2 is tested for a year at the Regensburg University Hospital. The results are impressive and are published in a scientific, peer-reviewed paper. The WCD2 has convinced the market.

07/ 2021

10/ 2023

Model WCD2-c is available

The process of the exclusive water purification/disinfection is completed. The new model WCD2-c is available on the market.

10/ 2023

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