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If rainwater is left standing in a barrel for a long time and is not circulated with fresh rainwater, e.g. during a dry spell, it collapses and bad odours develop. The Rain-Fresher offers the solution: The diamond technology keeps the rainwater in the barrel or cistern fresh. This makes the Rain-Fresher a small and simple rainwater treatment system for the home.





The collection of rainwater for the usage in the garden but also in the home saves a lot of water. The Rain-Fresher keeps collected water fresh.
The built-in diamond electrode releases the oxygen bound in the water molecule (H2O). This atomic oxygen (O) attaches itself to organic matter such as algae, suspended matter or contaminants and breaks them down. This makes the water clean and clear and permanently inhibits the growth of algae. In addition, molecular oxygen (O2) is formed and enriches the water.
With the Rain-Fresher an water amount up to 5,000 litres can be treated.


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