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Perfect cleanliness on all surfaces

The SurfaceCleaner-100 and the SC-Water produced with it offer a cost-effective, ecological and economically ideal solution for cleaning all surfaces.

This means a huge time and cost savings, as the same product can be used for a wide range of applications.

The SurfaceCleaner-100 generates so-called SC-Water from tap water without the addition of chemicals or cleaning agents - a 100% natural, residue-free, skin-friendly and ecologically degradable cleaner for every surface.

Ihr Vorteil daraus: 100 % Schutz der Arbeitnehmer:innen und der Umwelt – die grüne Lösung für Ihr Unternehmen.

Product image SurfaceCleaner-100

Purity and cleanliness

Quick and efficient
cleaning of all general

Cleanliness means well-being
and makes a great
contribution to health.

"Health is not everything,
but without health,
everything is nothing." 
A. Schopenhauer.

Innovation & solution

Drinking water and salt are the only basic materials
for the production.

Diamond technology
offers on-demand manufacturing
as needed.

For you, this means the elimination of: chemical cabinets, storage
areas, delivery bottlenecks
and costs.

Quality & functionality

Patented and tested
according to the norms
EN 1276 und EN 14476.

Production of the cleaning solution at the click of a button for just a few
cents <1 €/liter.

Professionalism is our essence.
Take advantage of it today, because only the best is good enough
for you!

​Environment & safety

Protects the environment with no added cleaning products or chemistry.

No pollutant
materials left
on surfaces.

This is how you score points on all levels: regionality, paired with the latest technology, and efficiency that is green and sustainable.


St. Andrew's Healthcare

Safely prepared
for the future

Dependence on suppliers and delivery bottlenecks can soon become a problem if supply chains change or even come to a standstill due to a lack of raw materials, a change in the law, a pandemic, etc. The usual everyday life is then a big challenge from one day to the next, often even a question of existence.

The SurfaceCleaner-100 not only makes it possible to produce the cleaning supplies by yourself: In-house production also offers the advantage of producing the quantity that is required at that moment.

Make yourself independent of supply chains, raw material prices or legal requirements today. Together we are strong.

No polluting chemicals,
only water and salt:
The diamond technology
makes it possible!

The produced solution by the SurfaceCleaner-100 that is stable for at least 5 weeks for cleaning  - so called SC-Water - is created via electrolysis with patented boron-doped diamond electrodes.

The method produces exactly the amount of SC-Water currently needed, within seconds – safely and efficiently.

The SC-Water is tested according to EN 1276 (standard for bactericidal effect) and EN 14476 (standard for virucidal effect) and meets the requirements of these strict standards.

The SC-Water is made from water and salt and is ready to use. It requires neither the addition of chemicals, detergents or other additives, nor intense colors or foam to be effective.

See for yourself today the silent power of SC-Water. Because often the solution is so close.

Especially where regular (daily) cleaning is required, an efficient and reliable cleaner is undisputed.

where is the big difference?

When we talk about cleaning, we are referring to the removal of different types of soiling from a surface. While removing this layer of dirt can remove part of the existing germs (bacteria, viruses) as well, they cannot be entirely eliminated.

When we talk about disinfection, we are referring to efficiently killing the germs (bacteria, viruses) found on a surface. Disease-causing agents are thus eliminated. However, in order for this to happen, the surface has been freed of contaminants, that is to say that it has to have been cleaned. If it has not been, the disinfecting agents will not be able to reach the germs underneath the layer of dirt to kill them.

The SC-Water is produced by the SurfaceCleaner. In contrast to conventional all-purpose cleaners, SC-Water is an excellent, highly effective cleaning agent which is particularly suitable for all areas of (daily) regular cleaning.

Perfection on demand

Faster, cheaper, more efficient and convenient than any existing chemical cleaning solution.

The SC-Water produced by the SurfaceCleaner-100 with the boron-doped diamond electrode and has a pH value of 8.5 and consists of active chlorine and active oxygen.

SC-Water can easily be disposed via the sewage system.

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