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Because every water drop counts.

Odor removal and pollutant breakdown in vehicle interiors, air conditioning systems and firemen equipment

The Oxy3 stands for lasting odor elimination and efficient decontamination of vehicle interiors and firemen clothing.Whether cars, emergency vehicles, vintage cars, caravans, minibuses, taxis, trucks, vans, etc., the Oxy3 can be used in all imaginable vehicles. Assembly and operation start can be carried out in just a few minutes and the process then runs fully automatically.

Produkcbild Oxy3-Car, Basisstation mit Verdampfer auf der linken Seite und Ozonizer mit Bedienfeld auf der rechten Seite

Know-how for further development

pro aqua possesses an extensive know-how in odor elimination and pollutants breakdown in liquids and on surfaces. Expanding the company's activities to indoor spaces (indoor air) was therefore an obvious and logical step.

With Oxy3 Ozongeräte Produktions GmbH we were able to find a competent partner who made this step a success. In close collaboration, the existing product Oxy3 was reengineered, redesigned and relaunched on the market in April 2020.

Odor removal & innovation

The only device that works
using ozone, active oxygen and
water vapor.

Sustainable elimination
of cigarette smells, pet odors
and much more.

Quality & functionality

Easy to operate
and can be used in any
type of vehicle.

Developed and
produced in Styria –
100% Made in Austria.

​Environment & safety

​Protecting the environment
and users by eliminating the
need for chemicals.

An immediate usage of
the vehicle is possible due to a
100% ozone breakdown.

"With the Oxy3, we have developed the most efficient device for odor removal and pollutant breakdown currently available on the market. Our experience from over 20 years as an innovation company with a unique team of developers has made this possible."

The unique
combined process
makes the difference

Stubborn odors in vehicle interiors – especially in the used car industry – can reduce the value of a vehicle, and can also be an annoying by-product for car owners.
Conventional ozone generators can remove odours to a certain extent – but not permanently.

Compared to competitors, the Oxy3 offers a safe and quick process because the vehicle can be put into operation directly after the fully automatic performance.

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Why ozone?

Ozone has been proven to be one of the strongest oxidants and can therefore be efficiently used for eliminating odors (odorous substances) and breaking down pollutants (e.g. PAHs) .

The Oxy3 also uses the oxidizing power of ozone by passing oxygen through an ozone tube built into the device and thus converting it into ozone. The ozone is then introduced directly into the vehicle interior where it reacts immediately with odors and pollutants .

Compared to conventional ozone devices, the Oxy3 works with the unique combination process of ozone and water vapor and thus achieves effective decontamination in addition to sustainable odor elimination.

Did you know?

Nicotine odor in a car can significantly limit the negotiating leeway when selling a used car.

With the Oxy3 the value of a used car can be highly increased many times over!
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With the Oxy3, not only the vehicle interior, but also the air conditioning in the car can be freed from odors.

Interior care
on the
next level

Odor elimination made easy

A sophisticated combination process using steam and ozone is crucial to the success of the Oxy3 treatment to eliminate odors. Due to chemical instability under ambient conditions, ozone (O3) breaks down into molecular oxygen (O2), a major component of the air we breathe. This means that the Oxy3 produces the amount of ozone required for the treatment on site. After the treatment has ended, the process ensures that the remaining ozone is neutralized again (O3 to O2). The vehicle can therefore be used again immediately after use.

Oxy3-Car inklusive Rollwagen mit Sauerstoffflasche

How Oxy3 works

The steam used produces active oxygen in combination with ozone and wets the surfaces with condensate.Moisture and active oxygen ensure that organic odors and pollutants bound to surfaces (e.g. upholstery) are broken down.The depth of penetration into the surfaces depends on the type and condition of the surface.

Summary of key-benefits

Easy to assemble and disassemble.

Fully automated process.

Ozone residues are broken down.

Vehicle's value is greatly increased.

Operating costs per use < € 2,-

Vehicle free from unpleasant odors.

Without dangerous chemicals.

Energy efficient process.

Environment and customers protection.

One device,
two progammes,
countless possibilities

In addition to its excellent and reliable performance, the Oxy3 is also characterized by its simple and quick assembly and disassembly: the Oxy3 can be installed on the vehicle in just a few minutes and disassembly takes even less time. During the process, the time can be used for other activities, as the program runs fully automatically after starting.

The "90 Min." program is a treatment for the entire interior of the vehicle (select use with or without air conditioning systems). It can be used for one-time application or for high contamination.

The "35 Min." program is a treatment for the entire interior of the vehicle (select use with or without air conditioning systems). It can be used for regular use and for low contamination.

The Oxy3 efficiently eliminates odors like cigarette smell dog smell milk smell food smell sweat etc.