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Projects and partner programmes

pro aqua originated in university research and development and it is still deeply rooted in this research spirit. That's why our experts not only work on continuously improving our products and services, but also on new and exciting projects in various different areas.

From ideas to projects
to finished products

Over the years, pro aqua has comprehensively expanded project-oriented research to include product development and production. This has enabled the company to accumulate a wealth of knowledge and wide-ranging expertise in a wide variety of fields, but especially in water treatment and disinfection.

pro aqua's know-how is an important building block – another element being an extensive network of partner companies and institutions. Depending on the task at hand, experts in university research and software development, product approval and product design, and even on-site implementation and application of the technology can be quickly accessed. Thus, synergy effects can be used in the best possible way and an optimal and satisfying result can be achieved for our customers.

Do you have an idea and would like to realise it together with us?

Your idea – joint know-how

pro aqua’s technology can be applied in many different fields of life and therefore always provides new impetus for exciting research and development projects.

Do you have an idea and would like to know whether pro aqua’s technology is suited for it or would you like to help us further develop one of our projects described below?


Current projects

Disinfecting cleaner TO GO

The first vending machine for sustainable disinfectant cleaner.

Water analysis made easy

A mobile measuring device for a quick and inexpensive determination of organic matter in water.

Drinking water for Africa

A filter system to supply five households with treated drinking water.

Health Water Machine

A small system for drinking water treatment for households.