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BDD Cells

Because every water drop counts.

Water treatment using diamond technology

The application of pro aqua BDD Cells ranges from sustainable drinking water treatment to waste water and process water treatment to the electrochemical treatment of water (= electrochemically-activated water) for the cleaning and disinfection of surfaces in various industries such as the food industry but also for ecological plant protection and more.

From heavily contaminated surfaces, polluted drinking water, fungus-infested plant leaves and bacteria-laden fruit to organically contaminated process water, etc.: Effective disinfection and cleaning can be ensured with the right and optimally adapted pro aqua BDD Cell.

pro aqua BDD Cell with blue housing

The customer's requirements are always paramount

Using one of the standard pro aqua BDD Cells allows customers to use the boron-doped diamond electrodes immediately and quickly. In addition to these cells, we also manufacture custom cells that are precisely adapted to the needs and wishes of our customers. Whether standard or special cells, our team of experts will be happy to help you choose the right BDD Cell.

From standard cell to individual solution

Customers usually use the smaller standard BDD Cells for laboratory and pilot plant tests in order to quickly determine the operating parameters required for their specific application. These parameters are then used to decide which BDD Cell is necessary for the application in question. Standard cells are used as well as tailor-made BDD Cells (= custom cells).
An overview of our standard cells can be downloaded here free of charge:

Did you know?

Ten diamond electrodes of 0.13 m² each are installed in the largest pro aqua BDD Cell. The cell thus has an electrode area of 1.32 m² and can be operated with a flow rate of up to 20,000 litres per hour.
From small to large: pro aqua BDD Cells are available in different standard sizes.

However, we will also gladly adapt your BDD Cells to your wishes.
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BDD standard cells

pro aqua BDD-Zelle 16-x-y
pro aqua BDD-Zelle 42-x-y
pro aqua BDD Cell with blue housing
pro aqua BDD-Zelle 350-x-y
Produktbild BDD-Zelle 1320, blau weiß verschraubtes Kunststoffgehäuse mit je 2 Durchfluss Ein- und Ausgänge

Test quickly and cheaply
to open new doors

Whether and how the pro aqua technology is suitable for special applications can be determined in a preliminary test in a simple, quick and inexpensive way using our test system. The findings and data obtained in this way ultimately form the basis for upscaling.

Practical and handy:
The test system

Testsystem pro aqua mit angeschlossener BDD-Zelle