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Aqua Diamante

Fun in the water without chlorine

Aqua Diamante stands for the innovation of chlorine-free pool water treatment. The integrated boron-doped diamond electrode activates the naturally occurring oxygen in the bathing water, which is enriched with Aqua Diamante soda. This then ensures the gentle and efficient disinfection of the bathing water.

A clean and hygienic swimming pool without chlorine or dangerous chemicals offers comfort and a special bathing experience. Aqua Diamante makes this possible with the innovation of chlorine-free water treatment. Another special feature is that continuous operation requires very little maintenance.

Product image Aqua Diamante by pro aqua

One technology
for all pool sizes

The Aqua Diamante system has a modular design so that water disinfection can be realised for any pool size. The standard AD-50 system is suitable for pools up to 50 m³ of volume and the AD-100 system for pools up to 100 m³ of volume. Systems for larger pools are also available on request.

Chlorine-free disinfection
of pool water
with active oxygen

First and only system that actually cleans pool water gently and thus sustainably

Hardly any maintenance
required in operation after
professional installation

Boron-doped diamonds
at the core

At the heart of the Aqua Diamante system is the pro aqua BDD Cell, which is installed in a high-quality stainless steel housing. In addition to the BDD Cell, the system also consists of the control cabinet, a flow meter and conductivity meter. The entire system is installed in the bypass to the main water line downstream from the filter system.

Gentle pool care at home

The pool is filled with softened water (hardness < 2° dH) and adjusted to optimum conductivity by adding AD soda. This adjusts the water parameters for optimal operation of the BDD Cell.

Once adjusted, the conductivity and hardness only change with refilling or removing water. Any deviation from the recommended value of conductivity is indicated on the display of the control cabinet, among other things. Normally, however, the conductivity remains constant for an entire bathing season without further intervention.

The system prevents the formation of undesirable microorganisms and deactivates germs.

Every state-of-the-art pool has a mechanical water purification system that involves the water from the pool being pumped through a filter, e.g. a sand filter, using a circulation pump. The filter cleans the pool water from dirt particles, e.g. hair.

The Aqua Diamante system is installed downstream from this system and part of the cleaned water is fed to the BDD Cell via a bypass pipe. The diamond electrodes installed in the BDD Cell now produce oxidant (active oxygen) from the water and the AD soda present in the pool water.

The active oxygen prevents the formation of undesirable microorganisms and deactivates introduced germs.

Our experts are happy to advise you

The Aqua Diamante system must be professionally and expertly installed. Therefore, the system is only available through our cooperation partner. You can obtain more information about the Aqua Diamante System directly from our cooperation partner.