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SC vending machine

Vending machine:
Disinfecting cleaner TO GO

Disinfecting cleaner
to go

With our SurfaceCleaner (SC) vending machine we have implemented a unique project providing the public with a sustainable and environmentally friendly disinfecting surface cleaner ‘to go’.

Sustainability at home

More frequent weather events and their serious effects such as flooding, droughts, storm damage etc. clearly show the need to act. One building block in protecting our environment is regional sourcing and regional economy. This has been proven to minimise and even eliminate carbon emissions, packaging waste, transport routes and more.

Our SC vending machine falls in the category of ‘green cleaning & housekeeping’, meaning sustainability at home. The disinfecting surface cleaner is prepared inside the SC vending machine at the push of a button. This delivers a regionally/locally produced and environmentally friendly cleaning agent to your home via the shortest possible route

SurfaceCleaner-100: A high-tech solution

The SurfaceCleaner-100 was developed for industrial customers and meets all the requirements of a ‘green’ cleaning and disinfecting agent.

  • It reduces packaging material and thus, plastic waste
  • It does without environmentally harmful chemicals
  • Thus, it also doesn't harm the sewage system
  • Residual cleaner can be disposed of via the sewage system
  • Harmless to users (no chemicals)

‘If something is worth cleaning, it’s worth cleaning it well’

The SurfaceCleaner-100 technology was adapted and installed in the SC vending machine. When it is used, it produces the disinfecting surface cleaner directly from drinking water. Customers can then fill their own spray bottles with just the amount they need. ‘Cleaner to go’ is the perfect concept for regional and sustainable disinfection and cleaning at home.

Our know-how for your success

The SC vending machine was operated for six months in the Leoben (Styria) area and was a hit with the local population. One could say the prototype was a resounding success. Now we are looking for partners to further develop the SC vending machine concept, partners that should be interested in sales, operation and service. pro aqua’s focus would be on development, production and maintenance

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