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Drinking water for Africa:
A water disinfection system

water disinfection
and solar power

In the form of the Drinking Water Disinfection Unit Africa (DWDU Africa) we provide a small system that frees contaminated drinking water of dirt using a sand filter system and kills germs (bacteria) in the downstream disinfection unit. DWDU Africa is run using solar power, making it ready for use everywhere.

Living with water shortages

More than one third of Africa’s population lacks access to drinking water. Even if there is access, poor water quality also plays a major role in the water supply: In many regions, people have to walk long distances carrying jugs – several times a day. And then, it's often polluted and contaminated with germs, resulting in negative health effects.

Sturdy construction,
safe operation

In cooperation with an NGO and a company in the UK, the idea was born to develop a plant to supply five households in remote areas. The conceptual design, development and construction of the system was the responsibility of pro aqua.

The DWDU Africa can be easily assembled on site. Its sturdy construction and the insensitive operation should ensure trouble-free operation on site. The contaminated water is first filtered and then reliably disinfected using pro aqua technology, and a solar power unit supplies all the necessary electrical energy.

Our know-how for your success

The DWDU Africa has been developed and built by pro aqua on the basis of extensive studies on disinfection with an electrolytic cell and pollutant removal using a sand filter. One system is currently being tested in Africa. The system is not limited to Africa, but can be used anywhere drinking water contamination is an issue.

We are looking for partners who are able to set up local production of the system. We would like a large part of the added value to remain in the respective country. pro aqua would provide the core technology of electrolytic cell, control system and solar power as a module, which can then be installed in the system on site without any problems.

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