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TOC measuring unit

TOC/DOC analysis made easy:
The quick and mobile measuring unit

A quick and
easy solution

pro aqua has developed a mobile measuring unit for water analysis capable of determining TOC/DOC values directly at the sampling site (e.g. pre-flooder, drinking water vessel). Measuring takes about 15 minutes and the measured values are displayed on a mobile phone app.

What are TOC/DOC values?

TOC stands for Total Organic Carbon and tells you the level of organic contamination in the water. TOC includes both the dissolved and the undissolved organic ingredients. In contrast, the DOC (Dissolved Organic Carbon) stands only for the dissolved organic ingredients.

The level of organic contamination in drinking, process or waste water is often regulated by limit values, and regular analytical monitoring is a necessity. But not everyone has a laboratory with an expensive stand-alone instrument available for on-site analysis. Therefore, an external laboratory must be commissioned, with the disadvantage that there are often days between sampling and analysis in the laboratory.

THE measuring unit
for quick and precise results

pro aqua has developed a mobile measuring device that can determine the organics in the water directly at the sampling site and within a very short time. For this purpose, a sample has to be taken from the water and put into the so-called sampling container using a pipette.


The organic carbon dissolved in the water is then converted into the gas phase in the sample container by means of electrolysis on diamond electrodes. The CO2 produced by the oxidation of the organic ingredients is expelled from the liquid and enters the gas space located above the sample container. There, the CO2 is detected and then the DOC value is automatically calculated.

Our know-how for your success

The TOC/DOC measuring unit is fully developed as a product, including an app for evaluating the measured values. The accuracy of the measured values has so far only been verified by internal investigations; a so-called round robin test would still have to be carried out if necessary. The round robin test will show whether improvements to the measuring device are still necessary. pro aqua would then like to bring the device onto the market with a partner from the measurement technology sector.

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