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Case Study


An extensive comparison of SurfaceCleaner-100 to classically used cleaning products was conducted at an airport hotel with a capacity of 430 beds. The ATP-measurement method (a standard method to determine the degree of cleanliness of surfaces) was used to classify the effects.

The results are convincing: SurfaceCleaner-100 performed significantly better in most testing than any other cleaning product used in this hotel. This means that SC Water is not only the best in disinfection, but also in terms of the cleaning effect.

Effect on disinfection in numbers

Cleanliness on surfaces is measurable by using a luminometer. The result is represented in RLU-units. The higher the RLU value , the dirtier the surface.

ATP-measurement is best for comparison of different cleaning products. When comparing the RLU results, the effectiveness of cleaning is recognizable at a glance.

Keimreduktion bei der Desinfektion mit SC-Wasser